Monday, February 28, 2022

Exodus, and - Outward Bound


                                                               Outward Bound,  an original acrylic painting

                                                               28" X 22", on stretched canvas

                                                                       ( click on image to enlarge )

     As I am writing this, over five hundred thousand refugees have fled from Ukraine, and

the ongoing flood of people trying to get over the borders makes it likely that that number

will soon pass the million mark.  Families are being torn apart as they flee, in hopes of 

finding safety from the Russian's attacks and bombings. They separate at the borders; 

the women and children don't know where they will be going, as the men stay behind to 

try and defend their country.   Nearly five hundred men, women and children have 

already been killed, in addition to the thousands who have been injured.  

     What great sin have the people of Ukraine committed to deserve such an assault from 

their brutal neighbor?  They have planted a tree of democratic freedom, and they have 

been enjoying its fruitful rewards.  That has angered Vladimir Putin, who, like a vengeful, 

supreme deity, seems determined to eliminate all such subversive knowledge from the 

country, before freedom should possibly drift over the border and take root in Russia.   

     This kind of behavior is par for the course, for a sociopathic, murderous thug like 

the ex-KGB agent Putin.  He has enriched himself more than the fabled wealth of royal 

Czars, all at the expense of the Russian people, while as he was murdering anyone who 

opposed him.  He is always quick to take advantage of those who are weak and 

defenseless, and he sticks his knife into any conflict around the globe, anytime he can 

profit from other people's tragedies.  He is the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin in every 

way, except for the black mustache.  

     At this point in time, it should be perfectly clear to everyone, that Putin is the true

personification of a thoroughly evil, human being.  However, that does not take into

account Putin's fellow sociopaths, such as Donald Trump, who, as his family has 

warned us, is someone who thinks only of himself.  When Putin and Trump had their

summit talks, the photographs showed them smiling at each other like a pair of Mafia,

crime bosses, having a meeting to divide territories.  And now, even in the face of the

fact that Putin is blatantly committing war crimes, and causing the loss of lives and

untold suffering, Trump is still calling Putin very smart, savvy and a genius!   

     Wouldn't it be nice if Trump could be trapped in Ukraine right now, with the 

encircling army, firing closer to him with every passing minute?  What would he be

saying about his pal Putin then? 


      The painting was a recent commission which vaguely fit in with today's posting,

perhaps symbolizing the way people have always had to flee from persecutions of 

all kinds, by any means possible, often by ship, across the oceans, to an unknown 

land and an unknown fate.      

                                                  Eugene P. McNerney






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