Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Emerging Monarch

                                                       An original pastel on paper
                                                       18x24" unframed, (mat size, 24x30")
                                                       $900.00 - (plus $30.00 pack and ship)

     I once had the privilege of watching the entire transformation of a monarch
butterfly, as it emerged from its chrysalis and filled out its wings to take its first flight.
This abstraction of that transformation is an expressionist interpretation of that
amazing experience.

                                                     (click on image to enlarge)


The Barn Owl

                                                    An original pencil drawing on heavy paper 
                                                    12x18" unframed, (mat size 18x24")
                                                    $350.00, (plus $20.00, pack and ship)

     A blog follower recently asked if I had any more bird studies, and I was sure
that I must have more, because birds have always been interesting subjects for me, 
as they always have been for many artists, throughout art history.  So, I did some 
more digging and found some more, including this one of a secretive, barn owl.

                                                            (click on image to enlarge)