Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Wintry Blast

                                                        An original oil painting on stretched canvas
                                                         48x24", unframed
                                                         $3,000.00, (plus $60.00, pack & ship)

     I pulled this painting out of storage because I thought it made an interesting
contrast to the painting in my previous posting called The Winter Solstice.
The two paintings are examples of how views of very, similar subject matter,
can be developed into two such widely divergent works of art, not only in size
but also in technique and style of expression.  The small, mixed-media painting
is a more traditional viewpoint, of the serenity and beauty of new-fallen snow at
first light of day.  By contrast, the big oil painting is an expressionistic viewpoint
of the more violent aspects of winter weather, showing an old pine tree, sagging
under the weight of ice and falling snow, creaking in the wind, and perhaps even
snapping and breaking its branches.  It shows a different kind of icy beauty than
the peaceful serenity of The Winter Solstice.

                                                             (Click on image to enlarge.)

     There is a bit of a double meaning to the title of this painting.  A "blast" can
refer to an enjoyable painting session, while working in the abstract expressionist
manner of just cutting loose with a large brush and letting it attack and dance the
paint onto the canvas, balancing stroke against stroke, and passage against
passage, until a satisfying whole is achieved.