Friday, November 30, 2012

Home For The Holidays, Christmas Prints

     These small, decorator prints are made from my original, scratchboard drawings,
and are designed to suit the season, and perhaps recapture the feel of an bygone era.
     One is titled A Frosty Friend By The Woodpile, and it depicts a boy building a
snowman, while his grandfather splits wood for the fire.  The snowman is complete with
a tattered, straw hat, corn-cob pipe, carrot nose, tree limbs for arms, and lumps
of coal for eyes, mouth and coat buttons.
     The other print is titled The Perfect Tree, and it shows that the boy and his father
have hiked up into the forested hills, to find and chop down the finest tree for their
family's Christmas celebration.
     Both prints are done in a semi-silhouette style and are printed on ivory-toned paper,
to further enhance the antique look.
     These prints, measuring 5x7", and ready-matted to fit 8x10" frames, are $25.00 for
the pair, plus $5.20 Priority Mail postage.
     Both prints, are also available ready-framed, under glass, in ebony or walnut, metallic-
gold lined, wood frames, and are $45.00 for the pair, plus $11.35 Priority Mail postage.
     A single print, framed as described, is $25.00 plus the same $11.35 postage.

     These prints are also available as private edition, note cards and greeting cards,
printed by me on ivory "Stardust", premium card stock, by Wausau.
     A package of ten, note cards, with envelopes, is $8.00, plus $5.20 priority-mail postage.
     A package of ten, large (8.5x5.5"), greeting cards with envelopes, is $18.00, plus $5.20
priority-mail postage.
     The message in the card titled The Perfect Tree is, "May the spirit of Christmas fill
your home, long after the tree and wrappings are gone."  That is followed by a simple
"Merry Christmas!"
     The message in the card titled A Frosty Friend By The Woodpile is, a poetic quote
from Sir Walter Scott -----
     "Heap on more wood!-----the wind is chill;
     But let it whistle as it will, we'll keep our Christmas merry still."
     That is followed by, "Merry Christmas!"

A Grand View

                                                    An original pastels on paper
                                                    18x12" unframed, ( mat size, 24x18" )
                                                     $600.00, - (plus $20.00, pack and ship)

    This pastel study, which I pulled out of storage recently, was one of several
preliminary pieces I did, in preparation for a large, oil painting.  That painting is
no longer available, but this piece still stands up fairly well on its own, and it may
be of interest to blog viewers.

                                                            (click on image to enlarge)

     Giclee fine-art prints of this painting are available.