Monday, March 31, 2014

Old Forgotten Friends (Lost and Found, No. 15)

                                     An original, mixed media painting, on illustration board
                                     5x7", unframed - (mat size, 10x12")
                                     $80.00, - (plus $7.00, pack and ship)

     Last fall, I began the chore of digging through decades of the accumulations of
possessions which seem to define one's life, in preparation for an estate sale of some
sort.  In the process, as I was rummaging through the book cabinets which flank the
living-room fireplace, I ran across things which I hadn't noticed in many decades.
Tucked behind some dusty, old sets of encyclopedias, I discovered two sets of
children's, card games, which haven't been played with since the mid 1940's.
     There are six games of miniaturized cards in each set, boxed up to look like six
little books, on two little, library tray-shelves, six to each tray.  There are printed foil
labels on the front of the trays which identify them as Library of Games, and
Mickey Mouse Library of Games.  The first set has some of the more commonly
played children's games, such as Old Maid, and the second set also has six games,
but each is named after one of the animated characters which helped to create the
Disney empire.

     The third "volume" of the Mickey Mouse set of games, was named for Mickey
himself, and featured him on the cover of the little box.  Since I had been doodling
around with my Lost and Found series at the time, it became logical to include
Mickey in one of the series, along with the little Snow White dwarf which started
me down memory lane in the first place.