Sunday, January 31, 2016

A New Spring Emissary

                                                 An original, acrylic painting, on gesso primed masonite
                                                 5 X 7", unframed
                                                 $115.00, - ( plus $10.00, pack and ship )

                                                          ( click on image to enlarge )

     Many of us across this country are now experiencing bouts of cabin fever, especially
so in those areas where the record-setting, winter storms have impacted so heavily on
lives and property.  Those storms have also kept many people snowbound in their homes,
often without electricity.
     I have full empathy for those folks.  A few years back, we had a similarly disastrous
snowstorm here, which destroyed many, ornamental trees and shrubs in the garden and
left me without power for a week or more.  ( I showed photos of that disaster March 11,
2013, in a posting called Snow-bound. )    And, as for this winter, this metropolitan area
is not out of the woods yet.  Our deepest snowfalls of record tend to hit us in March.

     But perhaps this little painting will help to serve as a reminder of the joys of the
spring and summer to come, after this winter too has passed.  In just a few months
we may be watching the magical, other-worldly creatures we call butterflies, fluttering
and drifting about, over our, sun-lit fields and gardens.