Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lost and Found, No. 5

                                        An original mixed-media painting on illustration board
                                        3.5x5", (mat size, 8.5x10")
                                        $45.00, (plus $10.00, pack and ship )

     As an update to my previous post, I have to report that I was much too optimistic
about the time required for recovery from my difficult surgery.  Although I am getting
around fairly well now, I am still being carefully monitored, and that will continue for
three more months.  But during my recuperation, I have continued to carry on with
a number of the miniatures which have occupied my time during convalescence, such
as the example in this post.  I will probably be posting more of them, from time to time.

     I have found a number of alphabet building-blocks, which have survived from the
1930's, in the bottom of a dusty old toy-box, and which fit well with the lost and found
theme.  I have used one in this miniature and in some others which I may post later.  .