Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Prairie Winds

                                                              An original mixed-media painting
                                                              24x36", unframed
                                                              $3.000.00,  (plus $45.00, pack and ship)

     This painting dates from the days when I was using landscape themes as starting
points, from which to expand into nearly abstract paintings. I wanted to create work
which would somehow depict the feel for being out in the sun and the wind, watching
the movements of the trees and grasses and gathering the fragrance of the air.
     The results of such zealous, expressionist fervor were not always awe inspiring,
but they still sometimes carry a kind of dynamic enthusiasm which I appreciate.

                                                       (click on image to enlarge)

An Indian Princess

                                                    An original oil painting, on canvas panel
                                                    24x20", unframed
                                                    $2.000.00, - (plus $25.00, pack and ship)

     This painting is not so much a portrait as it is a work of expressive composition,
and vigorous brush handling in the application of the paint.  My primary interest was
the creation of the free-flowing shapes which form the figure, especially the nearly
abstract, bold shape of the somewhat Gauguin inspired, rippling-hair silhouette.  That
lively, dark shape, is nearly flattened, in the manner of the Japanese wood-block prints,
which the post-impressionists so admired.      
     But I would say that the painting owes more to the abstract expressionists than it
does to the post-impressionists.

                                                         (click on image to enlarge)

Emerald Green and Lavender Grey

                                                   An original water color painting
                                                   15x11", unframed, _ (mat size, 21x17")
                                                   $550.00, ( plus $15.00, pack and ship)

     This little watercolor which I recently found stored away, dates back to the years
of some of my earliest work.  It was interesting to see it again after six decades or
      It is a fairly simple piece, but what I can say about it, as I look back at the painting
now, is that it was carefully observed and precisely rendered.  That was its main goal,
and that is what was achieved.

                                                            (click on image to enlarge)


Weather hexes, and hexamerous tulip blossoms

      Someone in Middle America must have angered Mother Nature this year, because
she extended the full wrath of the Winter, well into Spring, for the folks who live here in
the heartland.  We have been hexed indeed.  The blossoms of the early-flowering, spring
bulbs were obliterated by a continuing series of snow, sleet and ice storms.  And, even
the late blooming tulips have had to weather heavy frosts and the occasional snow flurry.
      After rescuing a few blossoms, with thoughts of painting a still life, I realized that it
had been many years since I had closely examined tulip blossoms.  When I looked
down into the open bowls of the blossoms, I was struck by the bold, hexagram patterns
of the flowers.  They reminded me of a kaleidoscope which I had when I was a child,
the kind with those little bits of colored glass behind the lens, which were multiplied by
mirrors, as the kaleidoscope was turned, to create endlessly evolving, symmetrical and
jewel-like arrangements, worthy of  a Tiffany, stained-glass designer.
     I wonder now if tulip blossoms could have been the inspiration for the hex signs
which the Pennsylvania Dutch used to decorate their barns, perhaps in hopes of
warding off hexes and providing good fortune.  We could all certainly use some more
good fortune this year.
     Here is a sample of what I've been seeing through a camera lens, rather than through
a kaleidoscope.