Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Calling The Birds To Breakfast

                                                          An original acrylic painting on canvas panel
                                                          20x16", unframed
                                                          $1,400.00, - (plus $25.00, pack and ship)

     There is an old saying which declares that sentimentality is the death of art.  That is
to say, the death of art for art's sake, or art with a capitol A.  As I view this painting
again, I would certainly say that it has some of the major hallmarks of sentimental art,
including angelic sweetness and innocence, as the little girl tries to entice birds from
the shrubs with crusts of her morning toast.  Undoubtedly there would be critics who
would say that the story-telling aspects of the painting would label the work as more
of an illustration than a work of true art  However, there may be something more to
this painting than simple illustration; I would be interested in knowing the opinions of
the viewers of this blog on this subject, if anyone wold care to leave their comments.
If you like this painting I have more work with similar subject matter which I can
show in the blog, in future postings.

                                                            (click on image to enlarge)