Monday, May 23, 2016

Still Waiting For The Music To Start Again

                                                    An original acrylic painting, on canvas
                                                    28 X 22", unframed
                                                    $2,600.00, - ( Plus $40.00, pack and ship )

                                                          ( click on image to enlarge )

     This painting may become the cover art for a children's book, depending on
whether or not the writing will be finished, and the book can find a publisher.

     This subject of a carousel horse, found seemingly abandoned in an old, decaying
barn, presented some interesting challenges for the composition.  The unusual
placement of the center-of-interest required a comfortable degree of informal balance,
and since this is a completely imaginary barn, there was the problem of creating a
believable, deep perspective.  The painting also required three different kinds of
light sources: a bright, warm sunlight at the front opening, a cool, shadowed light
from the opening on the far side of the barn, and a muted light source from an
unseen opening in the barn's loft.

     Perhaps this nostalgic look back at a salvaged part our childhood memories
will stir some blog viewers to recall their own innocent, cotton-candy days, of rides
on the merry-go-round, and reaching for the brass ring.

Amethyst Ballerina


                                                      An original mixed-media, on illustration board
                                                      10.75 X 8 ", unframed
                                                      $135.00, - ( plus $15.00, pack and ship )

                                                          ( Click on image to enlarge )

     This is another of the jewel-toned color-studies I worked on in preparation for
doing a larger painting of this subject.   In this one, the composition places the figure
closer to the picture plain, and the color palette is a bit softer and more subdued
than  in some of the other studies.
    Perhaps it is appropriate that the amethyst is the birth-stone of February, the
transitional month, after the brilliant colors of the Autumn foliage have faded away
into the misty, lavender tones of the winter season, and before the winds of March
begin to signal the floral displays of Spring.
     I will try to get more of the color-studies photographed and posted in this blog
before I post a photo of the larger painting.